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A letter from the Dean at our school the Athenaeum of Ohio, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our school is at this link.

Dear Deacon Profitt, (Deacon Profitt is the Director of our Archdiocesan Deacon Office)

I wanted to write to you so that you could make the permanent deacons aware of some exciting possibilities here at the Athenaeum of Ohio. We are experimenting with live-streaming courses, hoping that the new technology will allow many of our clergy to make use of the wisdom and expertise of our faculty. We realize that the Archdiocese is geographically large and that many deacons cannot travel here easily. We also realize that while ongoing formation is important to many deacons, our permanent deacons are increasingly busy and have meetings when courses are offered here. We want to begin making courses available to those who are interested.

This autumn semester, we will be live-streaming Msgr. Frank Lane’s “S352 Franciscan Christology” course, which will be held on Tuesday. It is a two credit hour course. Each evening the course will begin at 7:00 and finish by 9:40. The first lecture will be given on September 30, 2014. Those who cannot watch it live, can watch the lectures at their convenience as all the lectures will be archived and password protected. As alumni of the Athenaeum, interested deacons would be eligible for the alumni audit rate ($125/credit hour).

If a deacon is interested in taking the course, I ask that he would simply send me an email at or call me at (513) 233-6152. I will give him more information, and he can formally register for the course with Mike Sweeney, the registrar. In that way, we can also make your office aware that the permanent deacon is engaged in days of study, given the requirements for ongoing formation. High participation will not only help build the relationship between the Athenaeum, the Archdiocese, and the permanent deacons, but it will also help the Athenaeum determine whether future offerings will be worthwhile.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this message to the permanent deacons of the Archdiocese (and beyond). Thank you.


Fr. Earl Fernandez


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