Sách miễn phí – cho không

Thứ năm 31.7.2014

Xin gởi các thầy quà biếu của một vị
Mong sẽ có người download và thích cuốn sách này…

Ban TT Liên Lạc.

Catechism in a Year   Catechism in a Year

Hey there Catechism fans! I thought it was about time again to reward your faithful study here with a gift for you from Flocknote.
Want to be a Saint? Then try reading what the saints read! This free (no-strings-attached) ebook by stand-out Catholic author, Brandon Vogt, covers 14 of the greatest saints and their favorite books. So now you can read the very same books that helped turn them into Saints.
  • Learn about the book St. Teresa of Avila claimed “converted over 1,000,000 souls to Christ.”
  • Discover which book St. Francis de Sales carried in his pocket for eighteen years, reading from it everyday.
  • BONUS Appendix: “The Popes’ Favorite Books.”
This is a 100% free gift from us to you, just click the link below and download it directly – nothing else required. If you appreciate it, I hope you’ll also join Brandon’s email list (optional). He sends out a bunch of other great stuff all the time!

Click here to -> GET YOUR FREE BOOK NOW

Happy reading,
Matthew Warner
Founder of Flocknote
Sent by Matthew Warner

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