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Josephinum Diaconate Institute classes for September 2014 – offering courses for Permanent Deacons and others interested in continuing education ~ please forward this e-mail to a deacon or other colleagues in ministry.– Thank you!

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Register NOW for the FALL 2014 Semester
The Fall semester runs from September 14 – December 20, 2014

Classes run for twelve short weeks with a holiday break for Thanksgiving
from November 23 – November 29!

All classes and exams will be completed by December 20th .

There are FIFTEEN great courses available this semester!

Including three NEW courses in The Prophets, Implementing the Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults and a six week course in Catholic Social Teaching.

+ Candidacy and Continuing Education classes are for twelve weeks and earn two college credits.
+ Aspirancy classes are for six weeks and earn one college credit.
+ All classes are delivered via the Internet



Continuing Education
and Candidacy


6 Weeks (1)

12 Weeks (2)

Single Course



Two Courses

$125 each

$260 each

(1) Six weeks of classes and a final exam week, starting mid October.
(2) Twelve weeks of classes and a final exam week, Starting mid September.
(3) Payment for courses is due two weeks before the start of class.

Additional information is available on our web site:

Click a button below to REGISTER!


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